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Don Wilson

I've known Damien Rufus for a couple of years. We have been doing a lot of different internet marketing events together. First and foremost, he is an absolutely amazing and honest guy. He cares a lot about people and is a genuinely good person. It is very important to me to do business with people that I really feel are genuine and honest.  He definitely hits that part right out of the park.

Another benefit of working with Damien is that he gets the job done quickly and accurately. He exceeds my expectations each time we work together. One of my launches there was an issue with people being able to access the members’ area prior to having Damien’s help. Once he came in, he fixed the launch and every single person was able to access the full launch. He also fixed my wishlist that was down and other aspects that were not working well. The launch was a success and we did more than $700,000 in three days. I had tons of people coming in through the door. I had a huge amount of support tickets overflowing the support desk. The access concern was the same for each of these support tickets. Damien was then able to find the glitch in my launch, secure the content, and correct the errors of my launch. Using these corrections Damien made, I was able to re-launch without worrying about errors or support tickets. This year’s launch was 1.4 million dollars. So, it was a bigger launch with almost no support tickets. I don’t know exactly what he did, but he is a little tech wizard!

I don't know what service you are thinking about getting with him, but I really recommend Damien. I trust him with all my traffic and I hope you do some business with him. You won't regret it!

Don Wilson, Gear Bubble
Joey Xoto

Damien basically has this stuff down to a T. He's got everything very systemized and he knows exactly what he is doing like the back of his hand, right. Like he's done it many, many times and you know if there’s anyone that you are thinking about going to, to help you set up your integrations and get yourself ready for a launch on the technical aspect then Damien is the guy that I would 100% recommend.

I am going to be going to Damien for all of my current launch setups from now on. Because he is a very, very fast guy he knows exactly what he's doing and I can be pretty much guaranteed that my launch isn't going to have a hitch in that technical aspect, so Damien thank you so much for the help you gave us on our launch.

Joey Xoto, Smart Video Persuasion