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Do Your Marketing Emails Look Terrible on Mobile Devices? That’s a Problem

It’s tough enough ensuring your email marketing messages make it through without making the job more onerous. Making certain you are optimizing your marketing emails can be the difference in success or failure with your campaigns, especially as mobile email open rates are growing rapidly.

Mobile email open rates are on fire!

Mobile email has become the most opened email, exceeding desktop with a robust 36 percent, according to Combine that with the fact that email is the preferred online communication mode of 74 percent of all adults, and you begin to see why it’s so important. It’s not simply phones either. Tablets are starting to take a major share as well, as ReturnPath documents that iPhones make up 59 percent, iPads 26 percent, Androids 14 percent and Windows phones bringing up the rear at less than 1 percent.

Here are some tips for optimizing your emails for mobile

So not to leave you without a plan for optimizing your marketing emails, here are a few actionable tips that can help make sure your marketing messages appear the way you want them to!

  • If you would like your emails read, particularly on a mobile device, keep them short and sweet. Create engaging and appealing headlines and content that keep the user hooked, as it’s ever so easy to delete an email from a mobile device!
  • Keep your image files small, as large files take far longer to load, and this can be a disaster as many won’t wait, and simply leave, before they’ve even looked at what you’ve got for them.
  • Try for a font size of at least 14. Anything smaller may just be automatically changed, and wreak havoc on the way you’ve laid out your formatting.
  • Make sure any calls to action are adequately sized for easy tapping. The normal adult fingertip measures around 45 pixels, so keep that in mind.
  • Make certain you test your marketing emails on the various mobile platforms prior to hitting the send button! This really is well worth the couple of minutes it will take!

Optimizing your emails isn’t a choice if you’re trying to win with email. You must get on this today, as you can be sure your competitors will!