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How Advertisers Can Put Google Back into the Mix

There is some debate over the number of active monthly users Google has, but one estimate puts it at 375 million. Whatever the quantity, though, all of the active users are engaged. This can be a goldmine if the users happen to be the demographic you are targeting.

Everyone Has One

Okay, not everybody has a Google account, but a crazy amount of people do. In fact, there are 2.2 billion Google accounts out there. Facebook, on the other hand, has around 1.79 billion active users every month. Sadly, one study showed that the bulk of Google accounts are rarely active. When the number of accounts is considered along with the other benefits of Google , though, the disadvantages don’t seem as terrible.

Instantly Get Indexed

Whenever you post content or update pages on your website, it takes a while before Google indexes the new content. When you post something on Google , however, the major search engine that just about everyone uses immediately indexes the new details.

With your new content promptly indexed, you can see fast results in the search engine optimization (SEO) arena. Posting your blogs on the site can help you rank higher for keywords and even get you temporarily placed at the top of Google rankings.

Even users that don’t actively post or view content on Google may end up seeing your site thanks to SEO.

An Active Demographic Exists

Although estimates vary, some believe the volume of active monthly Google users sits around 375 million. Thankfully, these users are all highly engaged. This can really pay off if these people fall into your target demographic.

Over 70 percent of users, for instance, are male. The main careers on the site? Engineers, developers, instructors and designers. If your target audience is in these demographics, you might want to rethink Google for advertising and marketing.

Keep in mind that you probably should not sacrifice other marketing platforms to use Google . Just take a moment to try out the site again. You will see if it is working in very little time, and you can use that information to adjust your strategy if needed.